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Wonders how many people are having breakdowns at the moment because Facebook isn't working???

Putting things in perspective

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That things at work have sucked in the past year have sucked is putting it mildly, but at least I have been able to narrow down most of it coming from one person(and not the one I originally thought so changes my game plan, but I now have a plan so that is good). Thinking about it today however I realize how much has changed in the last year I wasn't even thinking about.

I have a house!! Still seems like yesterday but it was last year this time I was packing up and spent all Christmas break on closing and house stuff(move from hell, so never repeating that again). I am still happy with my choice, like the neighborbood majority of the time and still in love with my backyard(while cursing the poison ivy part).

I have a dog! That one wasn't planned and just sort of happened. He really is a good boy(OK so he has an issue with trusting others in his house and is protective but damn what a guard dog!!) and currently is attacking his stuffed donkey in the front room. I need a new vet, wish I had more time and energy to give him during the school year but overall he's a good boy and still not sure who rescued who.

I have an Automobile (said in true sixteen candles fashion) that is leaking and needs a wash but thank god still running. Helps that it has a garage, lol so it can be coddled in it's old age(SO hoping for another 2-3 years it will run for me).

Thinking about where I was last year to this year has helped but the crap at school into perspective and planning to restart in 2013 over again, making a list of the stuff that actually really matters and I can control. if it didn't LOOK as if I had just moved in. I get a year right? Someone said first year or so it still looks like you just moved in. That means this vacation is geared to getting a hold of life and putting house in order for 2013.

Now if I could only win the lottery!!!!


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Except for my dad's dog all the others in our family have been farm/shelter/adopted. All of them however were from puppies so it was still as if we started with a new dog.

There is something soul soothing about ending up with a rescue dog that is a true match. I mean I knew when I saw his pic that there was something there, but it's been 6 weeks and I'm not sure right now which one of us rescued the other. Granted I can't trust him off leash yet(no coming back if he spots a cat or something he wants to chase) but at home and on leash he's been great. Most laid back but happy dog, loves to be snuggled and brushed but now sure enough of himself here he can hang out in the house while I'm outside and no worries. He picks up super fast on moods(mine), gets rid of almost all my bad moods(saying a lot since lots of stuff going on at work I haven't talked to most about), and the walking 3 miles a day isn't hurting either. He hasn't really figured out the play thing, 3 weeks in and he started to play in the morning and after dinner on his own but playing with a person is still pretty foreign to him(lol if I do go over while he's playing he just rolls over to get belly rubs).

I am more appreciative than ever because with everything that is going on at work right now I can't even imagine my mental state if the walking and having him to calm me down wasn't here.

Lol, now if I can get him to stop barking at the turtles it would be great!!!

Project #1

All my ducks in a row
So this week I'm finally taking on the first real project in the new home. The upstairs bathroom HAS to be done. The wallpaper amused me for a few weeks but then the novelty wore off and I wanted the room redone. I can deal with the coral and turqouise tub/trim but the pink damaske type wall paper(even the ceiling-WTF?!) has GOT to go!!!!

My brother is coming up tonight(which is cool because he hasn't seen it yet) and then tomorrow we are attacking the bathroom. Wallpaper down, paint up, re-grout some around tub and will figure out some sort of shelf for the wall in corner(it's naked). Then I can put up a picture, the new towels and rug and one room will be done. I'm going with the less is more theme in this home. After moving and realizing how much shit I had accumulted I refuse to let it happen again(still trying to sort out and get rid of things I brought with me).

In other news I have decided I am totally in love with my backyard. I can sit and watch it for hours, and such an improvement over what I had. The deer were back this am, the squirrels are having their fun now and watching tons of songbirds all over the place. And this is only winter!! I have one mini garden area set(previous owner had some tomatoe plants there by pool). I'm going to churn up, add compost and keep working on soil to plant come springtime. Down in back of the pool I may plant another small garden but it needs a major cleanout first, and then round the porch I need to find something the deer won't munch all over. If I could figure out what it was they were eating in the woods I'd make sure to grow more things they like -in the woods so they stay away from garden. Then to stop the squirrels from digging it up, I am hoping the fresh dirt will distract them now so come spring they are done with it, if not will fence it.

Need to get a small outside firepit come spring - no lack of fuel sources in the back yard woods that came down during Irene(plus a pile of branches/etc had been dumped for years).

Today's projects - laundry(in), finally sort and put away all clothes in bedroom(4 seasons of clothes -not a small task), set up new computer and start getting all files from this laptop ont extrnal harddrive. Might give it to my brother, or just clear it up so I can use it outdoors in nice weather and keep new good laptop for all my work/school/etc sort of thing.

Oh and figure out a crockpot recipe to make so I have something to feed my brother!

Should be interesting

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My parents are coming over tomorrow to pick up some emptied containers I borrowed to move, but my mom actually agreed to come over. Will be the first time she has seen the house - EVER(not that she wasn't asked before but wanted nothing to do with it, finally figured it's too late to stop me from buying it so she might as well give me advice - oh joy). My dad hasn't been here since I moved in, so at least the kitchen/dining room and some of the living room should look better as I've been unpacking and putting things away. Still a long way to go, but this thing called work and a life keeps getting in the way.

Should be an interesting visit, just hope it's a good one!! It could either me 'you are still stupid to do this' or sees it's a good thing then starts in on all the you need this and this and this(like she does to my sister in her house).

And on good note came home to find refunded deposit from my apt, granted it was what I was paying when I moved in and not final rent but still a nice chunk of $$ to start putting away savings again(or pay off winter oil bill - either will put me ahead by next month).

I need to download pics and dcuments from here to portable hard-drive, and pics from camera as well so I can start taking more of the house. I want to do a lot of before and after shots to put a small album together. First on the list are kitchen cabinet fixtures(need major cleaning), then the bathroom. The pink wallpaper I promised my brother I'd let him come rip it down with me over Feb break. That will be my first 'room' redo, bigger stuff I'm saving for summer time when I have more free help(read friends from school that all want to hang out and use the pool and offered painting/etc services in exchange).

I am how old and....

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have no clue how to use a dishwasher?? Ok so I didn't post this on FB because I'd never hear the end of it at school, and it might be the one thing my sister can do even if she can't cook to save her life(well, ok so she has finally figured out baking some but that's about it).

I know how to load and empty one from being a kid but never had one in college and then was not allowed to touch it at parents(just allowed to unload). For 12 years didn't have one in my apt and everything was washed by hand. 2 weeks into the new house and I have some glass and Corning ware I really want to give a good power wash before I put away(lets just say true daylight showed they weren't as clean as I though). Mom sent over dishwasher little tablets to use, OMG I can't believe I feel like such a moron just trying to figure out what cycle and buttons to press. My mother if I can get her over here(now I bought it she's much better about things thank goodness) could help but no way I'm telling my dad. Lol, he doesn't need the ammo!

On the plus note I made my first real at home meal today in slow cooker and the house is starting to smell yummy(split plea soup with ham bone from Christmas and lots of veggies). Perfect timing since first snow is falling outside. Tomorrow when I need to shovel I'm sure I will be less than happy but for now the new white on my backyard looks awesome and reminds me why I am taking my time clearing out behind the pool(must be housing tons of the backyard birds I have in there).

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

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What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Mine is White Christmas


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I think I just bought myself a house. Scary(because of $$) but at the same time OMG awesome because I really love this little house and the land(lol, inground pool and fenced in garden area certainly doesn't hurt). Inspections are all done(house and septic) and expept the chimney which she is getting cleaned it passed pretty well with minor things to get done(err, OK minor for - it does need some updating but current items are all functional).

IF I find in the morning that the owner is going to provide a year of home warranty plan(covers services and appliances), which her agent is the the one that suggested and I'm hoping she agrees with...then only thing left to do is appraisal(which is tomorrow if she agrees to home plan) and the loan passing. I'm hoping that will since I've been back and forth with mortgage guy non stop the last few weeksn(yeah I looked at other houses too) and why would he waste so much of his time if he didn't think my loan would go through?! (then he makes nada)

If you haven't seen if and have my FB then look in my albumns, it's there to see pics.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, it's down to the smaller things now(hopefully all goes well).

LOL and on the plus side I really should start taking note on what I've been calling the 'New Home' diet. Been more inventive than ever in the kitchen, lots of crockpot and bean/lentil recipes. Can't claim to be going vegetarian because all the stock is homemade beef or chicken, but I am getting good at stretching items over several meals, and my GI is happier too :)

One perk.....

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So while we had to pay a part of the deductable this year for insurance at least it's still not horrible and a lot of stuff is covered with Connecticare I didn't think would be. Just wish I could say the same thing about my union at school!

This am was up at 6:30 to get to Waterbury at 7:30 to find my way down through St. Mary's Hospital to the MRI. Now That was an interesting trip!! Found the MRI office, they zapped my brain(will find out results later) then off I went. Back up to main floor to radiology for my lower back and blood drawing for the rest of the fun. At least I was out by 9:30 and back home to hit gas station, farmers market and store all before noon. Lol, too bad the rest of my day wasn't as productive...but first Saturday off in weeks so I"m OK with this.

Will be interested to get the results, these were new ones for me(which is kind of cool, in a hey it's not deadly but I want to find out the results to see WTF my body is up to). Such a science geek, stuff like this amuses/intrigues me more than anything else. I am more interested in MRI and X-rays than bloodwork, but hoping whatever comes up in blood the Dr can use results to work backwards and help my mom when she goes to see him later this week(since it's mainly autoimmune and genetic, mainly on mom's side and took someone 64 years to diagnose her).

More to say but just realized I'm tired and typing is about done fr the evening!


autumn leaves
LJ changed again??!!!

I know I still use it sparingly, mainly for communities I am in(but 2 I was using it alot for) and not friends because while I love you all there are very few left that check this(just for the hell of it - if you do actually see this say hi).

In addition....anyone else have a body that can't figure out what the hell time or season it is anymore due to Mother Nature's mood swings. I know it's New England and all but snow in October?? I SO hope this is not a preview of what we are in for this winter(unless I get a new home with fireplace and then I'll be happy).


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